From team member to senior leader, how to be the person you want to work with

The strength of your organization or team is directly related to the strength of the individual relationships within. Strong relationships fuel greater collaboration, help people navigate through change, increase fulfillment and reduce conflict. Relationships are built, re-built, and nurtured through conversation. While many have focused on transmitting information through the development of speech, debate and presentation skills, most have not spent equal effort learning how to listen in a way that values people, actualizes care, and leads to greater discernment. Learning this skill, as a leader or team member, has the power to transform relationships and organizations, one connection at a time. 

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Leadership Development Curriculum
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Here's What to Expect

*St. Louis 2-day class participants will receive feedback on their behavior preferences, with the aid of an online assessment, to increase self-awareness of how one’s actions impact others.

Participants will: 

  • Empower others through the skill of empathetic listening 
  • Deliver feedback that is clear and readily received
  • Build and preserve relationships through effective feedback skills when behavior change is needed
  • Learn recognition and celebration practices to encourage behaviors you want to see more of in your organization  

Relate is taught at a variety of organizations from Fortune 100’s to small businesses, from industry to professional services, from local to national government entities.  


Day 1

Meet from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Dinner event from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Day 2

Meet from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Upcoming Classes

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Here are the questions we’ll help you answer:

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Who am I – and why does it matter?

Getting to know yourself helps you appreciate others’ perspectives.

What is listening?

Get a look at the total communication cycle.

How do I handle conflict?

Hear how every challenge is a chance to grow.

How do I inspire change?

Understand how your leadership can impact people.

Where do we go from here?

We’ll show you how to keep improving every day.
  • Inspired to share.

    I went into the course with optimism and with an open mind.  I had preconceived ideas that it would benefit me, but only incrementally; In reality the course was amazingly impactful … far exceeded my expectations.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to improve.

    I was unprepared for the raw emotion, human bonding, self-examination, and vulnerability that accompany the class; I thought I knew how to listen … I now realize how much better I can be … especially with my family.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to advance.

    I witnessed the impact we are having on people from all walks of life … in a very real, tangible way.  Having been at BW a long time … I could not be prouder of how far we have come.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to change.

    Sharing your experiences and stories helped give real examples of how these skills could change someone’s life.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to love.

    It was clear that you loved what you did, that you cared deeply for every person sitting in that room.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to care.

    The individuals who came together to take this class give me hope for the future and helped me to experience something I realize now is so lacking, a connection with another human being.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to change.

    This class has had a profound impact on me, in just 3 days no less.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to connect.

    I thank you for opening my heart to nourish current and grow new relationships; at home, at work, and in my community.

    Relate. participant

  • Inspired to learn.

    Your technique was excellent and the knowledge you have of the materials you trained on was top notch. This is by far the best training class of any type that I’ve experienced so far.

    Relate. participant