Provide people practical tools to inspire them to close the distance of difference and create inclusive environments

We are not now nor have we ever been divided by differences; rather we are emotionally separated from one another by cultural distance. -Fred Falker

When we ask audiences about their experiences in diversity training, no one ever says that bias training changed their lives.¬†Include is a fundamentally different approach to thinking about inclusive environments. This is not “check-the-box,” implicit bias, or diversity training. In fact, this training will purposefully not focus on, or highlight, the differences. We believe that at the core of inclusive environments are relationships between people. Preventing these relationships from forming can be the distance we keep from one another, stemming from a perceived difference. However the differences we see in each other are completely human-made. Our minds “draw lines” around people and categorize them into specific groups for biological efficiency. Believing these lines are real prevents us from closing the distance of difference. In doing so, we don’t form a relationship. And if there’s no relationship, there’s no opportunity for an inclusive environment.

Within relationships exist tenants key to high-performing teams: trust, understanding, empathy and compassion. This training inspires individuals to close the distance of difference between people, whether that be race, gender, sexual orientation, generation, organizational hierarchy, nation of origin and more. Beyond simple awareness, Include provides behavioral training to provide people practical tools to inspire them to close the distances and create relationships.

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Leadership Development Curriculum
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Here's What to Expect

In this 1-day experience, participants will:

  • Reflect and consider the lines they draw around different groups of people
  • Consider distancing, tolerating and closing behaviors
  • Learn the skill of listening and its’ role in creating and sustaining relationships
  • Develop the skill of delivering feedback that encourages change by the receiver.

Include is based on the work by Frederick G. Falker, President of Falker Consulting Group, Inc.

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