Torian Richardson


What's your personal "why?"
To inspire the genius in people to live valiantly so that potential is turned into impact.
Who inspires you and why?
People who include others that are not apart of their tribe because we (the human race) have way more in common than we have differences. Character and integrity should drive our interactions.
What is your hope for the Leadership Institute?
I hope that BWLI will continue to be a steward for access and inclusion.
Education details?
Harvard Business School - GMP20 - 2016 ,Tsinghua University - Masters in International Development - 2011, Benedictine University - Bachelors of Business Administration - 1999
If you could be a roadie for one band, who would it be?
#1 bucket list item?
First successful trip to Mars
What's your biggest pet peeve?
Habitual Tardiness
Definitive road trip song?
Bill Withers - Lovely Day