Mike Budden

Partner, Managing Director - South Africa

What is your personal "why?"
To be a trustworthy pioneer in exploring new ways of being, so that we may be fully alive, living lives inspired with meaning
What motivates you?
I sparkle when I see people gain new awareness and creating shifts in themselves as leaders to become more conscious, inspiring and whole people. I am motivated by the possibilities that conscious leaders can bring to creating organizational environments that offer their people meaning and fulfillment that they will take home with them everyday, positively contributing to the well-being of society.
What do you think is "true" about leadership?
I have come to learn that authentic leadership is not transforming into a set of "ideal" leadership characteristics, but it is becoming more fully you. It is about removing the onion peels we have layered over our lifetime and showing up more fully who you are, as we all are leaders when we live from within. It is about discovering our unique gifts, bringing them to our world and publishing our lives without fear or how we will be received or where it will go.
What is your hope for the Leadership Institute?
As we branch out into the broader world, may our message and tools bring a message of hope for peace, as we encourage businesses to see the opportunity they have to contribute in building a better world. My hope is that this takes root and is enlarged on every continent in our world.
#1 bucket list item?
Travel Scandinavia in a motorhome for 6 months
What 3 things do you like most?
Astrid, my best friend, partner, supporter and wife, spending time with my family over a dinner and being in nature
Biggest pet peeve?
That I don't have one
What talent do you wish you had?
Play the piano by ear, gracefully and majestically
What was your nickname as a child?