Lungile Tshuma


What’s your personal “why”?
My personal Why is to be fully present in expressing who I am using the talents, knowledge and opportunities I have had over time. For me to be in the best physical, mental and spiritual condition to provide a platform for others to do the same. Also creating this platform of opportunity and knowledge for diverse cultures and developing nations in a way that does not dilute their identity.
What do you think is “true” about leadership?
Leadership is initiated by those being led and never forced upon by leaders. It is loud, silent , glorious, undistinguished, timely and constant at the same time.
How did you end up working at the BW Leadership Institute?
It's a funny story actually. I was playing rugby in Aspen and after expressing what I had wanted to achieve in life along with my personal why of impacting other people’s lives through knowledge and opportunity, I was directed towards BWLI through a contact of the team in Aspen. This is because my values resonated with BWLI’s core value to “illuminate and ignite human connection so that people have the opportunity to thrive." And to see how well I align personally with the team's mission has led to this amazing opportunity.
What 3 things do you like most?
Feasting, sport and laughter
What's your biggest pet peeve?
Disrespect for elders.
Which television character do you resonate with?