Leslie Peters


What's your personal "why?"
To unleash human potential so that everyone can fully contribute their gifts
What motivates you (in the context of work)?
I’m motivated by the possibilities that are created when people and ideas collide. I love the “ah-ha” moments and the behavior changes that are inspired by them.
What do you think is “true” about leadership?
Being a leader isn’t something you do; it’s someone you are.
What is your hope for the Leadership Institute?
World domination! Well, not exactly… but kind of. I believe that the Leadership Institute will create workplaces that serve people and communities and eventually we’ll hit a tipping point and all workplaces will strive to be truly human.
Education details?
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.
What three things do you like most?
Sunshine, a good glass of red wine and perfectly crushed ice
What's your definitive road trip song?
Sheryl Crow: Soak Up the Sun
What was your nickname as a child?
“Sissy” (Because when my brother didn’t have any teeth he couldn’t say Leslie.)