Jennifer Brooks

Project Leader

What motivates you?
Knowing that what I do each day adds up to create an experience where people’s lives are impacted in a positive way. I love organizing and coordinating, and sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the details, but knowing that there is a greater purpose that my role serves gets me up each day.
What do you think is “true” about leadership?
Leadership is the stewardship of the lives entrusted to us. When I think about all of the leaders I have had in my life, informal or not, all have extended care to me and shared with me that I mattered. That what I have to share matters. They cared for me before the bottom line.
What makes Barry-Wehmiller a fulfilling place to work?
Coming to an environment where I am not only able to do what I love, but use, grow and share my gifts and passions, knowing that my voice is heard sends me home fulfilled each day.
Which life milestones are you most proud of?
Graduating in 3 years and joining the team at BW!
What’s your biggest pet peeve?
MOUTH SOUNDS. Loud eating, crunching, loud breathing, gum-snapping. EWW.
What three things do you like the most?
Polka dots, Peach-flavored anything, and The Container Store
What talent do you wish you had?