Brian Wellinghoff


What motivates you?
I love to be present in the moment when the light bulb goes on for another person- when they realize something about themselves, about the business, or about the culture that they never understood before. What motivates me is knowing that these moments can occur at any time and with anyone- so I want to bring my best to each moment.
What is your hope for the Leadership Institute?
I hope that we support other organizations in deep, lasting change. Too often we might feel that the number of people interested in leading with a truly human perspective are few and far between. I believe the opposite. I believe that there are scores of well-intentioned leaders who need a touch of inspiration and a few simple tools to become the kind of leaders they have always wanted to be.
Who inspires you and why?
My grandfather inspires me. He passed away at the age of 94. After serving his country proudly in World War 2 and returning with little more than shrapnel in his body, he supported his family for nearly 40 years as an auto-mechanic. He was a true expert of automobiles and always yearned to share his knowledge more broadly, but his own brothers, who owned the dealership, failed to see more in him. As the wise sage of the entire neighborhood, my grandfather was approached by a young psychology student just a year before his death. She uncovered that he had an off the charts IQ despite an education that ended in 9th grade. My grandfather touched many lives- but how many more lives could he have touched if others saw more potential in him. I am inspired both because of his dogged commitment to his family and because I believe there are millions more people out there who have so much more to offer.
What do you think is "true" about leadership?
Leadership is hard. Leadership is worth it. Leadership is for everyone.
If you could be a roadie for one band, who would it be?
What three things do you like the most?
Sunny days, exercising with my wife, gelato
What talent do you wish you had?