Astrid Budden

Client Experience Specialist - South Africa

What's your personal "why"
Authentically caring deeply for others so that meaningful relationships are nurtured.
What motivates you?
Being in a support role during BWLI courses, it is a privilege to hear participants life changing stories and witness their personal transformations. This also gives me the opportunity to reach out to those that are working through life challenges and further live out my purpose in being able to care and nurture them through these processes.
Life milestones you are proud of?
After investing a large part of my life in the nurture and care of our children, Michaela and Matthew, one of my greatest joys has been to witness the return of our investment in seeing them mature into values-based and purpose driven young adults. A further milestone has been to witness their relationships with their chosen life partners deepen and experiencing the joy of our growing family. This has also facilitated my next milestone of being able to more fully support Mike, my husband, in partnering with him in the work of Leadership and Culture and furthering the work of BWLI in South Africa and beyond to help bring about a more caring and nurturing world.
If you could be a roadie for one band, who would it be?
Bastille (with Opposite The Other as the opening act)
#1 bucket list item?
Going on an Indian Safari to spot Tigers
What three things do you like most?
Time spent with family, a good book and enjoying a game drive.
What was your nickname as a child?