Ania Sullivan

Marketing Associate

What makes BW Leadership Institiute a fulfilling place to work?
Being valued for what you bring to the team. I could tell from the minute I started working here that everyone feels empowered to make the change or improvement they dream of. Honestly, it took me a second to adjust to leaders that don't give you all the answers, and instead, listen and encourage you to find the solution yourself.
What are your hopes for the Leadership Institute?
I hope that we continue to spread this message of Truly Human Leadership further into the community - not for our gain but for the benefit of others. I have seen firsthand what a toxic work environment can do to people and the all-consuming, discouraging power it can become, influencing their life in all areas. Our mission of encouraging leaders to treat those in their span of care wtih respect and see their dignity, can change the world. I'm sure of it.
What motivates you?
Seeing other people realize their self-worth and go for their dreams. It's a win-win for me that is also such an inherent part of the work of the Institute. There's nothing quite like being able to witness another leader realize what their influence can be and make every effort to make it a positive one.
Life milestones you are proud of?
Living in Lyon, France for ten months during university and becoming an aunt!
What three things do you like the most?
Babies, sunshine and Christmastime.
What three things do you like the least?
My food allergies, scary Halloween costumes and flight delays.
What talent do you wish you had?
Unbelievable dance skills.