Alyson Haylor

BWLI Intern

What’s your personal “why”?
I strive to live each day fulfilled, enjoying the journey that will take me to my ultimate purpose while helping others celebrate their own unique journeys as well.
What motivates you (in the context of work)?
Having ownership of something: A project, a name tag, a document, etc. I thrive off of the responsibility, initiative, creativity and commitment that comes along with ownership.
What makes Barry-Wehmiller/BWLI a fulfilling place to work?
When you let individuals create, discover or reveal their “why” and their values, the worth they hold within themselves becomes, not only their backbone, but the backbone of the company.
#1 bucket list item?
Host my own conference on the female athletic identity in elite sports
What's your definitive road trip song?
Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
Which television character do you resonate with?
Shaggy- Doesn’t vibe with bad energy, always enjoys a good meal and unapologetically, in his own way and using his own strengths, gets the job done.